You can buy the book here in hardback

 for £6.95 + £1 p & p.


It makes the perfect gift for Dog lovers, but might not be the smartest choice for those weird Owners who prefer cats.

To buy the hardback, just click the 'Buy' button and you will be taken to secure payment at Paypal where you can pay using Paypal or any credit or debit card.

The Dogs would, of course, prefer payment in sausages, but currently Paypal has no way of handling this.

Which is very backward of them.

Nevertheless, the Dogs thank you.

You can also buy the eBook on Amazon at these links:


Notice for hardback buyers from

USA & Australia:


Unfortunately, the postage is prohibitively  expensive at GBP 4.95!


But if you'd still like a copy, please contact us directly using the contact form and we can sort it out.


An ebook will be available on Amazon in a week or so and we hope to have distribution of the hardback in the USA sorted before very long.


Thanks for your patience.